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Volunteers Packing Food

Volunteer With Us

Elizabeth Andrew famously said, "Volunteers don't necessarily have the time, they just have the heart." Here at the Bread of Life Food Pantry, we take that quote to heart by deeply valuing the individuals that give of their time and talents through service to our community and neighbors in need.

As many as 20 volunteers help the Bread of Life Food Pantry every week. They collect, sort, and date donations. Individuals stock shelves, bag, sort, and pack vegetables and other produce. Volunteers unload trucks and vehicles that deliver donations to the pantry. A few individuals pick up goods at local supermarkets and donation points. Others assist shoppers during times the pantry is open to clients. The Board of Directors, who represent a number of churches in the community, also serve on a volunteer basis.

We are currently in need of additional volunteers. Church groups and local businesses are encouraged to contact the Bread of Life Food Pantry if you have an interest in volunteering with us.

Collect, Sort and Date Donations

Volunteers must identify the expiration date on each product and write it in a visible place on the package. If an item is expired, it is discarded. Items are then placed in storage areas until stocked on shelves for selection by pantry shoppers.

Volunteer Tasks

Bag, Sort and Pack Fresh Produce

The pantry often receives produce in bulk. Volunteers assist by making individual family packages consisting of various produce items. 

Stock Shelves

Goods collected from the pantry's storage areas are placed on designated shelves in the shopping area. Items with the earliest expiration date are placed at the front of the shelf.

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Unload Trucks Containing Donated Goods

On the second Tuesday of each month, the pantry receives a large delivery from the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. To aid with this event, volunteers are needed to unload pallets and place donated goods into storage rooms. Individuals must be able to lift and carry packages that weigh up to 25 pounds.

Pick Up Goods from Local Supermarkets

A major asset to the pantry are volunteers who collect items from local supermarkets and other store partners. Individuals use their own vehicle (and gas money) to collect these goods and deliver them to the pantry.


Note: This is an essential role at the pantry and requires special volunteers who not only give of their time, but also the use of their vehicle.


Assist Pantry Shoppers

Volunteers guide clients through the pantry shopping area and ensure shoppers take only the amount allowed for their family as determined by family size. Volunteers may pack the shopper's bags or move their cart as needed. Assistance is also provided to clients after their shopping session is concluded by helping to load items into cars or carts.

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