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Alexis Weber

Since 2014, Alexis has served as the manager of the Bread of Life Food Pantry and is a familiar face to many individuals that utilize the services of the pantry.

Alexis came to her role as manager from a background in nursing and administrative experience in gerontology and psychiatric care. She is the former Director of the Schools of Nursing at St. Francis Medical Center. She also served as the Director of the Schools of Nursing at UPMC St. Margaret School of Practical Nursing and Mercy Hospital School of Nursing prior to retiring in 2014. In these roles, Alexis was responsible for instructing both freshmen and senior nursing students and published several articles on best nursing practices.

After retiring from nursing education at Mercy School of Nursing and work with the homeless population at St. Joseph House of Hospitality, Alexis searched for a way to continue serving those in need in her community. When this job opportunity appeared in her local newspaper, she knew this was where God was calling her to continue her mission of serving others. Since taking on this managerial role, Alexis comments "It has been one of the greatest joys of my life."

Alexis is responsible for the administrative oversight of all services offered by the Bread of Life Food Pantry with special emphasis on the regulations of the Allegheny Health Department and the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. 

Along with her career experience, Alexis brings intelligence to her role as the pantry manager and the people skills needed to create a positive experience for the families who turn to the pantry to supplement their nutritional needs. She also has the ability to relate to a diverse and marginalized community population.

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