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  • Amy Jewitt

Volunteer Spotlight: Adele and Leslie Stokan

The Bread of Life Food Pantry is proud to introduce two new volunteers serving at our facility. Adele and Leslie Stokan are sisters and have been volunteering at Bread of Life for over a year.

They heard about a volunteer opportunity at their exercise class from another volunteer and decided to try it out. To their great surprise, they found one of their previous nursing school instructors already serving at the pantry. Alexis Weber, the pantry manager, taught the two of them when they were in Nursing School at St. Francis Hospital! It has made their decision to volunteer even easier.

Adele and Leslie grew up in a large family in Lawrenceville and the two became nurses together. They worked for years at St. Francis Hospital and later took jobs with Allegheny Health Network downtown in quality management utilization and claims review, respectively. They both recently retired and were looking to do something positive after their work experiences.

Adele and Leslie currently live in the North Hills and enjoy traveling. With siblings spread across the states, they visit them often. They go to Kentucky for the Derby and are huge Pitt football fans. On Saturdays, you can find Adele and Leslie at the stadium for home games and they often attend Pitt away games. Their planned trip this year will be a visit to Notre Dame in Indiana. Adele and Leslie also enjoy live music and attend many concerts at local venues.

Adele and Leslie stock the pantry's pasta, tomato products and vegetable shelves. They make sure that shoppers have a variety of choices and that items are displayed in an attractive manner. The managers and other volunteers are glad these two sisters found their way to the Bread of Life Food Pantry.


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