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  • Amy Jewitt

Volunteer Spotlight: Justine Kotchey

Justine Kotchey is a 3-year volunteer at the Bread of Life Food Pantry. She learned about the pantry and its work through her friend, Alice Craig, who was a long-time volunteer at Bread of Life. Justine is from Shaler and has two grown children.

Justine performs many tasks at the pantry which can change depending on what needs to be done. For example, Justine distributes cleaning and personal care items as well as baby diapers on shopping days. Like other volunteers, she also sorts, dates and stocks goods. Ultimately, Justine always jumps in to lend a hand when needed.

She enjoys fellowship with other pantry volunteers and delights in helping people. Justine plays an important role in aiding the pantry in fulfilling its mission.

Cheers to Justine!


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