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Volunteer Spotlight: Rose Miller

Updated: May 22, 2023

Rose Miller

Rose Miller is one of our special volunteers at the Bread of Life Food Pantry. Rose helps with packing fruits and vegetables on Tuesday stocking days and assists with the pantry's registration process on Wednesdays.

Rose is a lifelong resident of Etna. Serving as a volunteer in the community is part of her everyday routine. In addition to her work at the Bread of Life Food Pantry, Rose sorts donations at the pantry's All Saints School drop-off site in Etna twice a week. Along with other volunteers at the site, she organizes the donated products and checks for expiration dates. Rose also volunteers as a tax preparer for Etna residents. Added to this, she often acts as a liaison between the pantry and borough officials also.

"I decided to volunteer at the Bread of Life Food Pantry when I retired in 2017. I lived in Etna my whole life and wanted to help the people in my community that are in need of food. I wanted to do something that would help make a difference in people's lives. The food pantry and all its workers and volunteers really go out of their way to help all our clients. I love being a part of this team and hope to be volunteering at the pantry for many more years."

Rose's dog insisted that we also mention how she takes her to get a hamburger at McDonald's occasionally also.

The Bread of Life Food Pantry greatly appreciates the time Rose donates to the organization as well as other volunteers who freely give of their time and talents. Our organization encourages others who may be interested in volunteering at the Bread of Life Food Pantry to review the current volunteer opportunities listed on our website and contact us if interested in any.


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